Our Business

As a total business partner, we provide a wide range of services relating to nuclear power generation.

To support the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants, Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd. provides technological surveys, reports on foreign power facilities, and offers information services for electric power companies and heavy electric equipment manufacturers in Japan and abroad. In addition, we import and provide nuclear related equipment such as steam turbines for nuclear power plants and steam turbines used for ECCS systems.

Nuclear Power Dept-I

Nuclear Power Dept-I is the Distributor of AREVA NP, the world's largest manufacturer of reactors, and provides maintenance and service-related products for nuclear power plants in Japan. Also, the department is the Agent and Distributor of Siemens AG, Major Electric Appliance Manufacturer from Germany, and promotes their steam turbines for Japanese nuclear power plants.

Nuclear Power Dept-II

Nuclear Power Dept-II imports and provides equipment and software for nuclear power generation from the United States, and facilitates consulting services as well. This department offers advanced technologies that are implemented in US to contribute to effective operation and maintenance, particularly those technologies accepted as the de-facto standard or one and only.

Nuclear Power Dept-III

Nuclear Power Dept-III secures stable resources in the material sector from a variety of foreign countries. It then provides these to the Japanese market. Additionally, the department is conducting operations to support the safe and secure transportation of nuclear fuels from European and American suppliers to Japanese power generating companies. The department also imports and supplies coolants, metal materials, moderators,and related equipment, such as electromagnetic pumps, to nuclear power plants and laboratories. The imported materials include, Boric acid, Helium-3, Lithium-7, Tungsten, and special stainless steel.

Additionally, since October 2008, the department imports and sells Cobalt-60 from Canada, as well as other radioisotopes and stable isotopes from other countries.

The department also exports equipment and devices to power plants and laboratories in Russia and other countries.

Nuclear Power Project Dept.

Nuclear Power Project Dept. is conducting new development projects in power-related sectors including nuclear power. It is doing so in cooperation with a variety of the Marubeni Corporation's overseas locations.

  • Delivery and installation of large-scale equipment
  • Supply of equipment and servicing related to nuclear power plants
  • Software designed for power plants and industrial plants
  • Materials and other products
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