Back End / Decommissioning Services

Marubeni Corporation, a parent company of MUS, has been providing backend related services of reprocessing, waste management, disposal, and decommissioning as an agent for British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) since 1970s. BNFL has been reorganised as NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority), INS (International Nuclear Services, Ltd) and so on but we are still keeping a good relationship with them and giving a support to marketing of their products and services together with INS Japan KK.
Also we are introducing advanced technologies to our customers utilizing our network with France and USA.


We are making proposals in respect of the world's wisdom to the customers like TEPCO (Fukushima Daiichi) and JAEA (research/special reactors).

Track Record

Based on our experiences and expertise, MUS is making contributions to the Utility companies and plant venders by proposing products and services in respect of:
・Waste management and treatment
・Reprocessing and MOX fabrication facilities

Detailed Description

Due to the Fukushima Daiichi NP accident in 2011, several reactors will be decommissioned from now on. MUS has a localized office at Fukushima Daiichi site, and is conducting a support to marketing and implementation of contracts between TEPCO and the U.S./ European partner companies.
Also, under instruction of International Nuclear Services Japan and British Embassy Tokyo, we deliver UK products and services to Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) as well.


Companies and organisations contributing to the decommissioning of the nuclear facilities worldwide


Cavendish Nuclear
Cavendish Nuclear is a wholly owned subsidiary of Babcock International Group, and is the UK's leading supplier to the nuclear industry.
It is providing services like :

-Design, manufacturing and construction of nuclear plants/waste management systems
-Decommissioning of such plants

In UK, Cavendish Nuclear is giving a support to construction and operation of nuclear reactors and decommissioning of reactors which ceased the operation.
Cavendish Nuclear established “Cavendish Nuclear Japan” in October 2018 in Tokyo to develop businesses in the Japanese market.
Createc is a company based in Cumbria, north-west of England. Createc was made in 2010 to provide technical development work to support decommissioning of Sellafield.
Createc supplied its 3D radiation-resistant gamma camera “N-Visage” to TEPCO in 2013. It also concluded contracts with Hitachi GE and MHI in 2014.
James Fisher Nuclear
James Fisher Nuclear is an established supplier of specialist engineering, manufacturing and technical services for applications within challenging, high integrity, environments.
The flexibility, technical expertise and integration of James Fisher Nuclear's (JFN) multi-disciplined design teams is the basis of many effective and valuable long-term relationships with major companies within the nuclear industry, as well as with clients in the defence sector and emergency services.
Working in these complex and demanding industry sectors to high levels of quality and safety, we have developed design skills and experience that are much in demand and we have won a strong reputation for responsiveness, delivery and added value.
JFN is part of James Fisher and Sons plc, a leading provider of marine and engineering services. JFN can leverage its own substantial resources with those of the group and an international supply chain to deliver projects from concept through to manufacture, installation and commissioning.
NDA(Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) was established on 1 April 2005. Its annual budget level is approx. 400 billion yen, and is a Non-Governmental Public Body which is responsible for managing the following sites.

Magnox reactors
Dounreay(Fast-neutron Reactor)
Low Level Waste Repository

INS(International Nuclear Services, Ltd.) is a subsidiary of NDA, and INS Japan KK is providing services like transport of radioactive materials and sales of UK decommissioning technologies in Japan.
National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is a public organisation which specializes in utilization and development of nuclear technologies NNL was established in 2009. NNL is making the nuclear basic research work, and also providing NDA and UK electric power companies with its applied technologies. Its bases are located in Sellafield, Springfields, Workington, etc.
Oxford Technologies Ltd (OTL) is now called Veolia Nuclear Solutions (UK) Limited(VNS(UK)). It is providing engineering services to UK and Japanese customers.


Amentum brings a century-long tradition of serving diverse clients. We help make the world safer and more secure by eliminating nuclear hazards and strengthening national security. With Amentum, you get the expertise, innovation, resilience, and commitment to excellence your project requires. Recognized as a premier environmental clean-up and national security company, we are a preferred partner in delivering challenging projects that make a difference.

From engineering and design, through construction, start-up, and daily operations, we provide the expertise and unrelenting dedication necessary to deliver your mission successfully while ensuring the highest level of safety.

We provide our portfolio of services to a range of government and commercial clients in US and UK.
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. is an American international technical professional services firm.[6] The company provides technical, professional and construction services, as well as scientific and specialty consulting for a broad range of clients globally including companies, organizations, and government agencies.
Jacobs Engineering was founded in 1947 by Joseph J. Jacobs.
In March 2020, Jacobs acquired Wood Nuclear, the nuclear services arm of UK-based John Wood Group, for £250 million, adding 2000 staff and bringing Jacobs' total UK workforce to almost 11,000.


EnergySolutions is a world leading D&D company, which has its headquarter located in Salt lake City, Utah, U.S. It has functions of recycle, reduction, disposal, transport etc. within its own group, which allows them to provide wide range solution to the industry.
Kurion is a part of Veolia's Nuclear Solutions and is Veolia's world-class player in nuclear facility clean-up and treatment of radioactive waste.

We bring unique expertise and a broad range of capabilities in the nuclear clean-up field, with a broad integrated offering to our clients all over the world.

Veolia is the only company to offer a complete value chain for the nuclear sector and other related industries while taking on the environmental challenges faced by this and future generations.


ONET Technologies
ONET Technologies is an engineering company which carries out the development work as well as the researches regarding the decommissioning and dismantling of the nuclear facilities. Total number employees of ONET Technologies is about 2,600 which include more than 600 specialists, designer and engineers. It provides the reliable and cost-effective design and engineering services.

ONET, a parent company of the ONET Technologies, is a giant entity in France with more than 61,000 employees and annual turnover of 1.4 billion Euro.


Framatome has been providing the following services over the last 60 years. It focusses on safety and competitiveness in the nuclear market worldwide.

・Design of nuclear power stations

・Supply of NSSS

・Design and manufacturing of nuclear equipment and nuclear fuel assemblies.

・Various services relating to the nuclear reactors

・All scope of nuclear decommissioning and dismantling (optimization of the system suspension, decontamination, cutting technology, actual work, and waste management)

Framatome is an OEM enterprise for 92 sites, and has 14,000 employees. It is providing more than 250 reactors worldwide with the Framatome products/services.
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