Thermal Performance Software PEPSE/PMAX

By comparing the ideal and reality of plant thermal performance, it is possible to calculate the maximum achievable performance and plant generation. This is a tool that contributes to improving thermal efficiency and avoiding unexpected operation troubles.



Verification of the highest achievable performance and plant degradation
Evaluation of new/modified equipment(verification of replacement)


Supports performance monitoring on a daily basis by comparing the target performance and the actual operation status in real time.

Track Record

Installed to fossil and nuclear power plants
(PEPSE is installed in all US nuclear plants)

Detailed Description


Reproducing the thermal performance state of any plant on the software and verify the degradation status of the plant, evaluating the performance, and conducting studies.


This is an operation support tool that monitors and displays MW loss from the optimum state (entire plant and each equipment) and a system to compare the standard plant thermal efficiency (ex. Performance from the design, after regular inspection, etc.) and current thermal performance from online data of the process computer.

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