Fire Wrap Application/Passive fire protection products
(PCI Promatec)

Specialized in nuclear passive fire protection products to protect SSCs(Structures, Systems and Components) from fire impact.


PCI Promatec passive Fire Protection solutions provide perfect solution to "three hour separation requirement" as specified in the fire protection rule:
"Cables and components that require fire protection and are of different trains shall be separated by a wall capable of withstanding fire for more than three hours."

Part of PCI Proamtec Passive Fire Protection products can also be applied to Flooding.

Track Record

Introduced all over the world.
Remarkable achievement in Nuclear industry, including Japan.

Detailed Description

The Japan Nuclear Regulatory Authority(NRA) issued a comprehensive fire protection rule on June 19th, 2013, with an effective date of July 8th, 2013. This fire protection rule includes elements of 10 CFR 50.48 Appendix R, in addition to strengthening elements of the previous fire protection rule.
PCI Promatec provides Three hour rated Fire wrapping system(3M Wrapping materials and PCI Promatec unique seals) together with qualified unique installation method as one of the best means to comply with this fire protection rule.

Vendor Overview

Performance Contracting Group, Inc. was formed in February 1987 when the 40-year-old contracting division was purchased from Owens Corning Fiberglas by several existing employees. Performance Contracting, Inc., (PCI) is the largest division of PCG. PCI promatec provides a wide range of quality services and products to the non-residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Headquaters in the United States, Texas.

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