Radiation Hardened Cameras and Dosimeters

Ermes delivers radiation hardened cameras and dosimeters as a catalog product or a customized product that meets the customer's demand.


Ermes cameras possess an advanced resistance and usable under the following situations in a high radiation environment.

●During an operation of power plants
●During a maintenance/inspection of power plants
●In response to the nuclear accident
●During decomissioning and dismantling of power plants
●In waste treatment plants


Track Record

●Ermes has broad experience worldwide such as in France, Japan, China, South Korea, India, UK, and Ukraine.

Detailed Description

List of Ermes’ Main Products

Nuclear Power Plant Decommission/Post-accident Waste Treatment/Retreatment
Type Product Operation Maintenance
Surveillance Fuel surveillance Inspection
Camera Camera VIZA
Camera High Definition
Measurement Dosimeter Microdose
Dosimeter RADO


Radiation Hardened Cameras

●Designed and manufactured by Ermes
●Customizable products meeting the customer's demand
●Advanced technology: CMOS adopted, color, high resolution (SD, HD, full HD), lighting, denoising
●Radiation resistant
●Waterproof up to 40m
●Connector and cable are also customizable
●Customizable materials
●Lighting can be mounted in the camera


●Continuous dose measurement is possible in places where difficult to access or limited
●Using materials resistant to high dose
●Available for measuring peripheral dose level, temperature and vibration, and hot spot surveillance
●Measurement range of 3 sensors: 0-1 mGy


Picture: RD-1.2E01-T-K4-2.2E02-V00.0-N-U-050-S-030-IP67 model

Main Features:
●Measures cumulated gamma dose, dose rate, and temperature
●2 dose sensor ranges: 12 kGy, 1mGy
●Cable length: up to 50m
●Adaptable sensor configuration to match the application
●Measurement frequency
Dose: 1/4 minute
Temperature: 1/5 second
●Autonomous display box (data recording and power supply)
●PC serial port or USB port available to be connected to PC
●PC data treatment software

●Characterization in high radiation area
●Extend the service life of nuclear power plants
●Protection of facilities

Main Advantages:
●Easy to characterize radiation environment
●Small and portable sensor installed easily into various configurations
●Easy to reach in a non-accessible area
●Record dose data continuously even in the power outage

Radiation Hardened Lighting
●LED Lighting compatible with every nuclear application (clamped at 6000 lumen)
●LED selected and tested under extreme conditions at CEA Saclay
●High radiation resistance (up to 500 kGy)
●Complete white light
●System compatible with complicated shape

Data Transmission
●Adopted INNOVATION hardware programmable solution 2018 - type FPGA
●Resistance technology of SOFTCORE reprogrammable processor
●Data serialization available up to 256 lines
●An extension function of data capacity
●Perform digital processing and reduce connectors
●Resistant up to 100 kGy cumulated dose without refreshing
●Data encryption at the source of transmission

Transmission (Command/Control)
●Control screen, camera, joystick
●DVR signal processing
●Control rack/camera connection with LEMO, FISHER, SOURIAUX
●Matches to coaxial cables with different size (M1, C1, PMUC)
●Power rack of camera and a technology extending service-life
●Data output to a control station via HDMI, Ethernet, and an optical fiber


Vendor's Description

ERMES is a worldwide reference company in the field of equipment for an operation under the high radiation environment.
Products consist various functions such as Vision (camera and lighting), Measure (dosimeters and encoders), Data Analysis (processors), and Data Transmission (wired/wireless).
Unlike other products in the market, an innovative technology developed from the joint R&D program by ERMES and CEA is introduced to ERMES products.

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