Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Specializes in the field of measuring media (water, oil, etc.) in power plants, pipelines, and chemical plants with high-accuracy and high-temperature conditions. As an ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturer, it has the largest share in the world in the power plant industry. They manufacture the world's only flowmeter certified by NRC(United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission) for power uprate.


Product name: LEFM (Leading Edge Flow Meter)
The measurement principle utilizes the upstream-downstream propagation time difference of ultrasonic waves passing through the measurement medium.
There are two types of models: External (external type product name LEFM2000FE) type and Chordal (built-in pipe, internal type product name Check / Checkplus).

Track Record

We have delivered to over 12 nuclear power plants in Japan. 90 units have been installed in the world (90 % operation rate or more)

Detailed Description

Accuracy: ± 0.3% with 8 paths type
Output improvement: 1.4-1.7% increase (about 17 MW)
A high Reynolds number actual flow test was conducted in 2010 using CheckPlus at AIST, a National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. This demonstrated that high Reynolds number does not affect the CheckPlus system.

Vendor's description

The headquarter is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, and was founded in 1989.
The founder was developing ultrasonic flow measurement technology as part of the development of missile launch functions from submarines at Westinghouse's military-related technology division at the time.

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