Ion Exchanger Resin

Purolite provides resin-based separation, purification and extraction technology.(Ion Exchange Resin, Chelating Resin, Catalytic Resin, Medical Drug Substance, Antibody Medicinal Protein A Carrier, Enzyme immobilized Resin.)


・Make-up water polishing(MU)
・Steam generator blow down recovery(SGBD)
・Deep bed condensate polishing(CP)
・Chemical volume control(CVCS)
・Reactor water cleanup(RWC)
・Spent fuel cleanup(SFP)
・Radioactive waste cleanup(RW)

Track Record

Over 20 countries, 150 nuclear power plants

Detailed Description

Purolite provides the most comprehensive range of ion exchange resins to the fossil and nuclear power industry. Combined with own onsite technical service, Purolite resins help power generations stations:
・Improve operating efficiency
・Minimize treatment and waste costs
・Minimize corrosion, fouling and deposits
・Increase equipment life
・Meet regulations
Purolite resins are specifically developed and purified to remove impurities contributing to scale
formation and corrosion to ensure water and steam circuits meet water chemistry specifications.

Vendor Overview

Founded in 1981.
Headquaters in the United States, Philadelphia. Global leader in resin technology, one of the largest resin companies in the world.
Owns Ion exchange resin manufacturing factory in the United States, Romania and China. Also, owns manufacturing site for Life Science area in the United Kingdom.

[Business hours]10:00~17:00 from Monday to Friday