Nuclear, Rail, and Hydrocarbon Operator Training Simulators(OTS)

Provides Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for Nuclear, Rail, and Hydrocarbon industries.


OTS is used for operator training in both normal and emergency operations.

Track Record


No.1 market share in North America
*Has delivered a nuclear simulator for the Japan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA).


No.1 market share in the world


World's top market share

Detailed Description


CORYS Nuclear simulator which has No.1 share in the North American region, is configured by its own simulator platform and thermodynamics model, allows high fidelity behavior. Severe accident code can be selected from both MAAP/MELCOR, and as for purchase benefit, CORYS provides licenses to customers so that the software can be copied without limit internally for free.

products10_photo1.pngNuclear Simulator


CORYS has delivered over 700 simulators worldwide, and therefore has a rich experience and knowhow to offer products by low-price, high quality, and in short lead time.

products10_photo2.pngSNCF(France) Full Replica Simulator
products10_photo3.pngCompact Simulator


CORYS owns expertise from its rich experience to provide simulators for miscellaneous products.

Vendor's description


CORYS is a French manufacturer of operator training simulators established in 1989, expanding their products in 3 fields of Nuclear, Rail, and Hydrocarbons where they achieve world's top market share of delivery in all fields.


CORYS Inc., is a 100% subsidiary of CORYS, located in the U.S. Thunder Simulations Inc., the former body of CORYS Inc., was the first company that was successful to have the Nuclear Simulator to run on Windows. Ever since their invention, they have dominated and secured the North American market, and these same people and technology are all still with the company.

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