Process Computer / Monitoring Software R*Time

By using R*TIME, it is possible to reduce the cost for plant process monitoring system.
Not only meet the specifications required for plant process monitoring system, but it also has an interface with a wide variety of facilities making it possible to build a highly extendable system.
In addition, it would be possible to reduce the need for OEM and enables system maintenance in-house.


Applicable not only to plant process computers, but also to monitoring systems for decommissioning plants, radiation monitoring systems, annunciator systems, real-time data collection (historian), reactor control systems, non-safety related digital control systems, and cask monitoring systems etc.

Track Record

70% or more share in the US for nuclear power plants. Also, track record to domestic utility companies.

Detailed Description

R*TIME is a system consisting of two main subsystems. R*TIME server and R*TIME viewer/R*TIME web viewer.
R*TIME server has functionalities such as real-time data collection, alarm, archive/historian, calculation, database, interface, message database, redundant system, security, system monitoring, etc., and displays data in the R*TIME viewer.
All of these features can be customized for each plant.

Vendor's description

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