Company profile

Company profile

Company Name Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd.
Head Office 2nd floor, Palace Side Bldg. 1-1 Hitotsubashi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0003 Japan ご案内図
President and CEO Kazuaki Asami
Established January 21, 1972
Capital ¥300,000,000
Number of Employees 56
Offices Fukuoka Office: Denki Bldg. North 12F, 1-82 Watanabe-dori, 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0004 Japan
Erlangen Office: Mozartstr 57, Raum 406 c/o AREVA GmbH 91052 Erlangen Germany
Shareholder Marubeni Corporation
Number of Shares Issued 600,000

Provision of information services and reports related to nuclear power generation.
Supply of steam turbines for nuclear power stations and ECCS steam turbines, nuclear related equipment and services.


April 1, 2016 UP


January 21, 1972 TENEC Co., Ltd. Established.
October 1, 1985 Marubeni Utility Services Ltd. Established.
April 1, 1987 Marubeni JKP Services Ltd. Established.
June 1, 1998 Marubeni Utility Services Ltd. re-established as a merger of the above three companies, while leaving TENEC Co., Ltd. as a surviving company.

Corporate Organization

General Meeting of Shareholders   Corporate Auditor
Board of Directors   Quality Management Dept.
President   Administration
    Finance & Accounting Dept.
    Nuclear Power Project Dept.
  • Conducting new development projects in power-related sectors including nuclear power
    Nuclear Power Dept-I
  • Import and export of nuclear power-related equipment, and sales of testing, and inspection equipment to all Japanese electric power companies
  • Outage services, including the decontamination, cleaning, and repair of components and systems of nuclear power plants
  • Energy-related projects
      Fukuoka Office  
      Erlangen Office  
    Nuclear Power Dept-II
  • Supply of imported equipment, parts, and materials for nuclear reactors
  • Supply of software designed for optimization of operation management and maintenance of power and other industrial plants
    Nuclear Power Dept-III
  • Supply of imported radioisotopes
  • Supply of imported gamma ray irradiation equipment
  • Import/export and supply of equipment and material for power plants and laboratories
  • Supply of imported dosimeters
  • Transportation of nuclear fuel
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