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We keep challenging for the bright future of energy as a member of Marubeni Corporation's Energy & Metals Group.


We offer advanced technologies from all over the world.

Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd. (MUS) is a unique and highly regarded trading house, providing our customers with innovative, high value technologies, products and services.

Marubeni Group, the first recipient of a nuclear export certificate issued by the United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), participated in the project of building JRR-1 (Japan Research Reactor No.1), Japan's first nuclear reactor, which began operation in 1957. Our continued participation has made us a major contributor to the nuclear industry for more than sixty years.

Leveraging our long-standing experience and global network, we support our customers in smoothly introducing technologies that meet the demands of the times. Also, Marubeni Group's comprehensive strength enables us to build up, manage and implement all phases of large and complex global projects.

In recent years, we have expanded our business domain to include: 1) Radioisotopes, irradiation equipment and accelerators for medical diagnosis/sterilization and research purpose; 2) Cyber security systems; 3) Simulators; and 4) Software for performance monitoring and plant optimization.  These are just a few of the sophisticated, high value products offered by MUS.

We remain committed to contributing to the safe and robust growth of society by motivating employees, satisfying customers and improving environmental consciousness.

President and CEO

Corporate Philosophy

As a member of the Marubeni Group, we have the following principles in mind.

"Sei, Shin, Wa" which means "Fairness, Innovation and Harmony" has been our company creed since the company's foundation.
In accordance with the spirit grounded in "Fairness, Innovation and Harmony," the Marubeni Group is proudly committed to social and economic development and safeguarding the global environment by conducting fair and upright corporate activities.


January 21, 1972
TENEC Co., Ltd. established.
October 1, 1985
Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd. established.
April 1, 1987
Marubeni JKP Services, Ltd. established.
June 1, 1998
Marubeni Utility Services, Ltd. re-established as a merger of the above three companies, while leaving TENEC Co., Ltd. as a surviving company.
[Business hours]10:00~17:00 from Monday to Friday