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  • Nuclear Power Dept. I


    Nuclear Power Department I is the distributor of Framatome, the world's largest manufacturer of nuclear reactors, and provides maintenance, services, and consultations for nuclear power plants in Japan. Also, the Department I is the agent and distributor for Siemens Energy, a major manufacturer from Germany, and manages outages and large components replacement projects such as their steam turbines for Japanese nuclear power plants.
  • Nuclear Power Dept. II


    In Nuclear Power Department II,

    ・Import and sale of parts and equipment for power plants and general industries

    ・Sales of software for operation management, maintenance, and security of power plants

    ・Sales of products and services related to decommissioning of nuclear reactors / nuclear facilities

    And so on.

    We also offer consulting services by overseas experts for reactor operation and restart of nuclear power plant.

    With companies with a proven track record in Europe and the United States as partners, we are focusing on advanced technology and unique technology, and are continuing proposal activities to contribute to process shortening / cost reduction while maintaining quality.
  • Nuclear Power Dept. III


    Nuclear Power Department III carries out imports / exports of radioisotopes (mainly Co60) and related equipment, as well as arrangement / coordination of radioactive material transportation (including nuclear fuels for Japanese power companies). In cooperation with the overseas footholds of Marubeni group, we also conduct new development projects in the area of nuclear research and energy-saving.


We keep challenging for the bright future of energy as a member of Marubeni Corporation's Energy & Metals Group.

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